CrimePays is a technolgy created for Law Enforcement Agencies to Solve Violent Crimes.

CrimePays Technology was created Exclusively for Cities, Counties, States or Countries with High Violent Crime Rates. If you have spent millions adding more police and that hasn't work, try CrimePays.

CrimePays allows Law Enforcment Agencies to empower their citizens to help solve violent crimes by creating a and create safer neighborhoods with No Risk to their safety. In the United States, City Police Departments, County Sheriff Departments, State Highway Police and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies can use CrimePays to reduce their Violent Crime Rate.

Complete the Violent Crime Rate Calculator for 2017 Violent Crimes to determine how much your violent crimes cost. One year later, complete a second Violent Crime Rate Calculator to determine if Violent Crimes decreased. You will receive an Annual CrimePays Violent Crime Report detailing the savings from reduction of Violent Crime Rates. If there is a reduction in cost, a Fee of 25% of the total saving will be owed to, Inc.

Before you register,

1. Create a new or use an existing email account.

2. Go to PayPal and create a Business Account for Reward Amount Transactions.

3. Then create a Custom Payment Link to accept donation at

4. Write down your Username and Password for your agency.

5. Verify Payment Amount approved and is available.

6. Complete Violent Crime Rate Calculator for your agency.

Determine The Cost Of Violent Crime To Your City, County, State and Country

Violent Crime Rate Calculator

Violent Crime Type Cost Per Violent Crime # Of Violent Crimes Per Year Violent Crime Costs (Millions)
Murder $ $
Rape $ $
Robbery $ $
Aggravated Assault $ $
Burglary $ $
Larceny $ $
Motor Vehicle Theft $ $
Total Aggregated Violent Crime Cost $0
25% Annual CrimePays Savings Fee $0

CrimePays Cost

1 Year Registration Price $1,500,000.00

30 Day Subscription Price $150,000.00